Mediation-Uncontested Process

Robert Hetsler

If your divorce is completely uncontested (both parties agree on all the terms of your divorce including Asset & Liability Divisions, store Spousal Support , find if applicable, Parental Responsibility, Visitation, Custody etc…) then here are the steps involved in submitting your mediation request

1) Complete and submit the short name and email submission form at the bottom of this page.


2) You will be taken to a shopping cart for payment via PayPal or credit card. ($1200 for an uncontested divorce without minor children and $1500 for an uncontested divorce with minor children). If you are electing to finance your divorce, you will be given that option as well as the shopping cart.


3) Once payment has been processed you will receive an email that has a link to a secure online form where you will input the details of your case. A PDF version of this form will also be provided if you prefer to use that over the secure online form.


4) After the detailed form is received in our office we will be in touch with you within 24 - 48 hours to go over the questionnaire and get the specifics of your arrangement so that all the required divorce paperwork can be prepared. Thereafter, Our Office will prepare a proposed settlement agreement for you and your spouse to review.


5) All parties to a divorce in Florida must complete a financial affidavit. If you have minor children you are also required to complete one Parenting Plan that must be signed by both parties and submitted to the Court for review and approval. We will provide these forms, with instructions, to you to complete PRIOR to the appointment we discuss below.


6) Upon your approval and after all revisions are made, an appointment will be made for you and your spouse to come in for an in person meeting and sign all the required documents for your Jacksonville Divorce. If one spouse is not able to attend because of location or other reasons, the paperwork can be mailed or emailed and then returned to our office. A majority of the documents will require a notary which service we will also provide.


7) After the paperwork is signed by both parties and the REQUIRED divorce county filing fee is given to us (in Florida it is around $409.00 in most counties), our office will take the paperwork down for filing at the local courthouse (Jacksonville-Dade County has a another procedure (more efficient) for pro-se divorces that we will explain should that be the jurisdiction you will be filing in). Thereafter, your case is assigned to a family law coordinator who will control the flow of your case through the system. However, our office will assist in preparation of all of the required Jacksonville Divorce (or any other surrounding city) paperwork so that once it is filed you will just be waiting to attend the one time final hearing to make your divorce official.

(Please note we are not an online service, you will have conversations with our office and you will have an in person meeting to go over everything.)