What Clients Say

His website had great video responses to pretty much all of my questions and anything else I needed to know he quickly answered after returning my call the same day. He got the job done quickly and handled my divorce with ease and efficiency. I highly recommend if for not any other reason but just for his divorce/tax knowledge.

Betheny White

Dr. Hetsler was the best thing that happened to us in a horrible divorce process. He handled everything for both of us a neutral party and made a stressful time much less stressful. He did everything for us and all I had to do was show up for the one time hearing and when I got there everything was basically completed. Even the general master commented on how the file was complete and that all of Dr. Hetsler's files were always a pleasure to work on because they made his job easier. I highly recommend him to anyone going through a divorce.

Richard Banks

Dr. Hetsler level of knowledge of divorce, for sale tax, prostate alimony, look property division, and mortgage foreclosure issues was almost scary. If you are like me, who knew very little about all of these issues, you need to Dr. Hetsler as the benefit of his services far outweighs the costs of retaining him. He was wonderful overall and anyone getting a divorce in Florida should contact him first.

Kathy Cockrell

Dr. Hetsler performed our divorce mediation in a timely and productive manner. He is very good at what he does and was able to keep both my wife and I focused on the big picture. I highly recommend him.

Charles Lamm

Divorce is hard enough as it is! I needed a guy who would make it simple for me, without confusing me or adding extra stress to the situation. Mr. Hetsler was great, had an agreement to me pretty quickly and is available to answer any questions for you. I made the right choice by using him as my mediator!

Lauren Miniard

Best Divorce Mediator. His divorce video series was the absolute best and answered most of my questions before I even called his office. I highly recommend him to anyone going through a divorce in Florida. Plus he was able to handle our retirement division as well.

David Backus

Great guy to talk to! Have referred a couple of my friends to him, they all think he was very smart and professional. Knows how to make a difficult process much easier. He wrote a great book as well!!

Terry Valdez

Amazed at how much one man knows! He is well educated in many aspects. He is friendly, and understanding. Does not like to waste time, which is a great quality to me!

Francheska Caldwell

Mr. Hetsler is very smart and professional. He has an immense amount of knowledge in his area of work and makes the divorce process quick and efficient.

Larry Brown

Website was very informative! Did not even have any questions for him during our mediation! Very affordable! Very smart man.

Rebecca Stone

Very cool guy! Would recommend him to anyone needing a mediator!

Carmen Consul

This guy is very hands on and has all the tools to help you through mediation!

Robert Thyme

Had a really great experience! Mr. Hetsler was very professional!!

Emmanuel Batir

Very nice guy, is very efficient and straight forward. Was more than happy to speak to me before I even paid him anything. Results were better than expected.

Terrance Garner

Mr. Hetsler helped me with my divorce. Was very pleased with the results and how quickly I was divorced.

Jessica Vargas

I'm a free man. Ready to begin the New Year. Could not have done it without Dr. Hetsler. Call him if you want a real professional at a very affordable price.

James Stout

Dr. Hetsler explained the divorce process to me and what was to be expected. I did my research and many other lawyers or mediators wanted to charge me a lot more and were not as qualified as Dr. Hetsler. Dr. Hetsler quickly returned my calls and took the time to explain his services and the divorce process. Dr. Hetsler is cost efficient, very qualified and the divorce was effortless. Definitely recommend him!

Anna Rodriguez