Referrals/Make Money yourself

If you require a divorce in Florida and it is uncontested, then Dr. Hetsler is the one individual that is more experienced, more credentialed, more educated and has a more divorce knowledge base than any other divorce professional in the entire state of Florida.  As a Personal Financial Planner, a real estate agent, a CPA, a Business Valuator, a Forensic Accountant, a mediator, provided expert witness testimony in more than 30 cases in his 14 year career all coupled with a being a Chartered Merger & Acquisition Consultant, having handled over 3000 real estate closings after law school, having built long established relationships with the private client division of TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch,  and Morgan Stanley, he owns one the 5 largest divorce retirement division practices in the entire United States, has relationships with marital home refinancing for divorcing individuals, business lenders, real estate agents, IRA rollover and just about anything someone going through a divorce requires.

This skillset is possessed by less than 10 people in the entire United States and Dr. Hetsler, who often is requested to lecture, teach continuing educational classes to attorneys, is also in the unique position to refer out his clients to professionals that he can trust, has vetted, and knows operate their businesses in an ethical or moral way.  These relationships that have taken Dr. Hetsler many, many years to develop are now available to his clients at no additional charge.  As a matter of fact, he will often reduce the price of his services should you elect to utilize one of his realtors or money managers simply because they charge fees to their clients which are the exact same you would receive if you walked in the door without a reference from Dr. Hetsler but you would certainly secure priority treatment and most probably a discount.  Having said that, if you do utilize one of Dr. Hetsler’ s referrals or utilize your IRA or retirement accounts to purchase alternative investing, it is something that Dr. Hetsler is intimately familiar with and is a superior position to provide you the guidance to earn returns that are not normally available to the public at large.

The best thing you can do for yourself and for those around you or that depend on you is to allow Dr. Hetsler a few min of your time as they could be the best 10 minutes you have ever spent in your entire life.  The call is free and so is the referral so what are you waiting for?