High Income/Net Worth

Dr. Hetsler is uniquily qualified to deal with higher income and high net worth individuals. He is one of the few mediators in Florida with an accounting, thumb tax, advice business and legal background. He throughly understands the significant financial issues a higher income/net worth individual is faced with while going through the divorce process.  Statistically, divorce is one of the most financially devastating events in an individuals life.
The good news is that there are certainly opportunities to structure the financial aspects of a divorce such that the negative tax/financial impacts are minimized. 

Dr. Hetsler is often called upon by divorce attorneys as a consultant to assist them in structuring divorce settlement agreements in the most tax advantageous way. Further, many financially benenficial opportunities exist when structuring a divorce settlement agreement through the mediation process, that do not necessarily exists when going before a judge.

It is very important that you have a mediator that truly understands such financial implications as, unfortunately, many divorce mediators/attorneys do not have the education and background to truly understand the financial implications, and, as a result, their clients end up paying the price for such inexperience. 

By hiring Dr. Hetsler, although prohibited from providing legal advice as a meditator, you get the benefit of him owning dozens of businesses, testifying in many different courts as an expert witness in all financial aspects of divorce, having divided thousands of retirement accounts through divorce, having valued hundreds of pension accounts for divorce, having authored books on divorce/finance, having mediated several thousand divorce cases, having valued hundreds of different businesses, having been on the Board of Directors for many companies, including international ones, as well as taught continuing educational classes to divorce attorneys on divorce related issues. Further, Dr. Hetsler is Harvard Business School trained in financial analysis and business evaluation.

If you are contemplating divorce, and you are a small business owner, an executive, a higher income individual or high net worth individual, there is no better local choice then Dr. Robert Hetsler so please call today to schedule your first appointment. Remember, once you execute a divorce agreement, it is not a simple process to modify, so make sure you hire the right professional the first time around.